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Shopify Automation As A Service

Whether using Shopify Flow, IPaaS systems, or writing custom - if you need any automation done in Shopify or integrations with systems, I'm your guy.

Brands I've worked with

Hey there!

Having built hundreds of workflow automations for Shopify using Flow, Mechanic, MESA, custom code, and other automation apps...if there's something that's possible to do in Shopify, I should be able to do it for you. And usually pretty quickly.

Don't bang your head against the wall trying to articulate exactly what needs to happen. Figuring it out is my specialty.

So, if you're looking for help with anything along these lines, I can't wait to get started!

Hit me on twitter, linkedin, or email.

Kalen Jordan
Shopify Automation Specialist

Schedule a call
We'll jump on a call to talk through your needs.
Once you feel comfortable, you can make a prepayment to lock you into my schedule, per my next availability.
Begin work
I'll begin work and track hours on a daily basis so you have visibility into what's happening.
Go monthly?
Once we're done with the initial batch of hours, if things are going well and you have more work to get done, we can make it a monthly retainer.
At any time, you can request a refund for any of the unused hours that were prepaid.

Find out interesting ways to automate Shopify using Flow, Mechanic, and other tools.

Flow Helper Shopify App

Flow Helper is a Shopify app that adds missing triggers and actions to use natively within Flow, including bulk flow runs.

Check it out

My current availability

You can prepay by selecting a package or feel free to reach out with any questions. I look forward to chatting!

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1 Flow

I'll build or fix your Flow for you for a flat rate


5 Hours

Let's get off to the races with a quick win.


10 Hours

Let's get off to the races with a quick win.


20 Hours

We'll have a little more time to fine tune.


30+ Hours

SuccessBest Value

Now we're cooking with fire.


"I had the pleasure of working with Kalen, and I must say, Kalen is the best! The effort and dedication put into completing my project were truly commendable. I am incredibly grateful for all the hard work and the successful outcome."

Recent Work Highlights

In addition to automation work, I also pick up some other development projects from time to time - here are some recent highlights.

NetSuite & Shopify Integration

I built a NetSuite integration that has involved mapping companies, company locations, price lists, products, and variants into Shopify.

B2BIntegrationsShopify Plus
Milk x Whiskey

Subscription App Development

I'm in the process of building a Shopify app for a Subscriptions SaaS company that currently has apps available for Magento and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

App DevelopmentFrontend

Shopify Theme Optimizations

"DUDE! That looks so good! YOU ROCK!"
-- The Client

FrontendTheme Development

Discount Functions App

An app that I started working on but haven't launched yet gives you access in the backend to a rule builder with infinite nesting of AND/OR logic.

App DevelopmentShopify Functions

Systems I've integrated with

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